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The city of West Los Angeles is a district in the West side region of the Greater Los Angeles County. The city of West Los Angeles is part of the city of Los Angeles but is much smaller than the more popular city. The locals of this region of the state of California refer to this city as “Westside”. The city of West Los Angeles is mainly focused on commercial development with more than a few high-rise office buildings along the streets of the city.


One of the main focuses in the city is brought by a large number of Japanese-owned businesses. The housing situation of the city is a mixture of low-rise apartment buildings that are full of young professionals and working-class families. The atmosphere of this city is all about work with not that much to do. However, it is located within the region of the much larger city of Los Angeles, which is not mainly focused about just work. So the residents of this city are comfortable knowing that they are not far away from a fun night out without having to deal with all of the commotion in their front yard.


Although, there is not that much to do in this city, the police department still makes sure to make their presence known throughout the city and will not tolerate anybody trying to bring trouble to this city.


city of west los angeles ca
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