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The West Los Angeles Police Station is a part of the Los Angeles Police Department and is located at 1663 Butler Ave Los Angeles, CA 90025. This station is much smaller than the Los Angeles Police Department, which means its main focus is the safety of a smaller section of the Greater Los Angeles County.


The main focus of this police station is the residents of West Los Angeles and only them because of the size of this city. The officers employed at the West Los Angeles Police Station make it their mission to help build a safer community by providing the best protection that could possibly be offered. They all strive to improve their quality of services by consulting the members of the community and asking their opinion on the service of the law enforcement. This allows the police to the way they pursue criminals in the community and it allows the community to get more involved in the policing of the city.


This is why apprehending criminals in the city of West Los Angeles in a manner that is perfectly consistent with the law and reflects shared community values is extremely important in order to keep both the police and the community as happy as possible. It is the mission of the West Los Angeles Police Station to create a unique and innovative form of communication with the public. These great communication techniques provide a better experience for all of the residents in the city of West Los Angeles and it makes it a lot easier for the community to get more involved in important decisions regarding the safety of their community.


There are several sections that make up the complete Station and they all must work together in order for the system to work properly. One of the most influential sections of the Station is the civilian volunteer section. This section allows civilians to get more involved in the Station, which in turn will make the city a safer place. The volunteer’s main responsibilities are to patrol the city and act as another set of eyes for the law enforcement officers. They are also responsible for setting up road blocks as well as directing traffic when there is a road block or a checkpoint.


With all of these sections put into place, West Los Angeles is one of the safest cities in the county of Los Angeles.  When you are arrested in the city of West Los Angeles or its neighboring cities, you will most likely be taken to this station. When the police station finishes everything, they will send all of the arrest information to Inglewood Courthouse.

west los angeles police stataion
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