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Women Arrested for Murder after Hit&Run

A 20-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of murder after the car she was driving powed into a minivan. The car she hit ended up causing the death of the man driving the car according to police. The suspect is identified as Saidy Samayoa and she was fleeing a felony hit-and-run collision. She was trying to flee the scene as soon as possible before any cops could show up and any witnesses could get her license plate down. However, the police caught up with the suspect soon after the crash and after a short pursuit, she was arrested for the murder of the man in the minivan. The police determined it was her that hit the car based on the damage that was done to her car from the front. The woman will be facing murder charges as well as hit and run charges for her actions that day. The police did not find anything on the womans record when they ran her name so they do not really know why she drove away after the accident.

hit and run

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